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The Blasphemeet Death Daemonic



Appointed to reign over Blasphemeet by the Queen of Hell

The Death Daemonic: ComaVVitch and the Rev. Eater of Filth

In devotion to their Infernal Khthonic Queen, ComaVVitch and the Reverend have worked to spread their blasphemous gospel through ComaVVitch's self-named business. Their defilement of the greater Los Angeles area has earned the favor of the Abysmal Kyon Melaina.

The result of their Grand Rite of Infernal and Primal Heresy spawned Blasphemeet: a Heretic's Market.

For ComaVVitch's goods and services in exchange for sacrificial offerings, she can be invoked through her Daemonic Sigil Circle of Arte.

Blasphemeet Ritual Sigil
The Reverend Eater of Filth

The Inner Sanctum

To manifest their vision of a daemonic menagerie of vendors, the Death Daemonic established the Inner Sanctum. After countless hours of contemplation while staring into the Abyss, Daemonic Pacts were made.

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