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Blasphemeet Clergy Sponsors


Artifact Tattoo & Body Piercing
Called forth from the ranks of Hell's most skilled artists, the Hell Priests of Artifact Tattoo & Body Piercing deftly blur the line between pleasure and pain. With steel forged in the white hot purifying flames of the Phlegethon, these Artists of the Flesh adorn the temple of the human body with expert depictions of the terrors of Erebus and the rings and chains of Kronos bound.

United Society of Sin
The heretical duo that is the United Society of Sin traverse the Nine Circles of Hell and beyond on wings of fetid flesh stripped from the charred remains of the immolated dead. Resourceful and industrious by nature, they scour the wastelands and battlefields of Earth in search of the finest rare artifacts, curios, and desecrated remains of the damned.



Witch Ilumicente
Not all those that walk the pestilent streets of the City of Dis are born of the void. Much like Lucifer, Witch Ilumicente serves as a beacon of light amongst the dim. A student of the Word inked in the deep crimson blood of the lamb, Witch Ilumicente uses their gift of true divination to help guide the lost to their destinies.


Mystic Mouse Emporium
A witch driven by the ferocity of the Divine Feminine, Mystic Mouse Emporium's rituals of elemental witchery conjure the spirits of the restless dead to enchant items of hellish splendor.

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