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The Gates of Hell Have Closed Once Again!

The Blasphemeet: Nation of Lost Souls market ritual has concluded. The Infernal Daemon Vendors have returned to their rest to prepare for another grand rite

The Blasphemeet Inner Sanctum sends our most sincere thanks to each and every guest and devotee that crossed our threshold this weekend. It was such an honor for us all to serve you and your invocations of our Infernal Daemon Vendors is appreciated so much!

We also want to extend our deepest thanks for our Infernal Minstrels, our Monster Queens that absolutely slayed the BlaspheDRAG Showcase:
Voga, Scythe, Sassquatch, and Hitchcock Blonde

We also give a huge thanks to James David from Skate Oddity for providing such sweet music and Abyssal Hymns

We want to give the highest praise to our ritual chamber for being so accommodating and allowing us to rip a hole in the fabric of reality and form a Grand Portal to Hell: Andrew and Angie of Monarch Studios

want to thank our Infernal Daemon Vendors, for without you, Blasphemeet is void. We honor you, our Divine Infernals!

We thank our production team for all their hard work this weekend in helping things run smoothly: Jeff Blue and Chelsea

We give our greatest of thanks to our beautiful ferryman and doorman to Hell: Dexter

We give such a huge thanks to our Hierophant Sponsors, without you we could not make this happen:
Memento Mori LA
United Society of Sin

And we also thank, with the fullest of hearts, our Infernal Queen ComaVVitch for making this all happen


Now we descend further into the depths of Hell, the Fifth Circle of Wrath.
Prepare yourself for...

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